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Founded by Tatiana Chouljenko and Edward Zinoviev in Moscow, Atrium is a theatre company now based in Toronto (incorporated in Feb. 2003). Over our history we have made productions of different styles and genres such as School of Stars (cabaret), Small American Story by M. Gayer (modern drama), 14 Lovers of Ugly Mary N. by A. Amalrick (absurd), Terrible Love by Y.Vilumanis (happening), to name just a few.

Toronto is a center of different cultures, nations, traditions, backgrounds, and, of course, a meeting place (like Atrium in ancient Rome), which shapes our interactions and behavior. Consequently, there is a possibility of exploring and confronting the nature of cultural diversity utilizing international theatrical techniques.


Professionally, Atrium as an internationally based company focused on a combination of different cultural traditions and legacies.

The Atrium Players Theatre Company produces important plays from a variety of world theatrical traditions. Each play will focus exclusively on a complete style, system and technique from around the world (Michael Chekhov, B. Brecht, G. Streller, V. Myerhold, K. Stanislavsky, etc.).The application of these techniques by Canadian artists of diverse backgrounds to international texts will create a new and vibrant expression of these works for a contemporary audience. This will not only be classical theatre, but vital stories told in a fresh style, full of the spirit of adventure.


Atrium encourages the sharing of different techniques between artists in order to better explore international texts for a modern audience. The discipline of researching and confronting other techniques and ideas about theatrical presentation will forge connections between performers and audiences in new ways. New theatre from other places and times done by artists now.

Board of Directors:

- Pat McCarthy, board chair
- Alexander Abramov, treasurer
- Julie Grgar, secretary
- Catherine Harrison, board member

Atrium Players Theatre Company is a registered charity # 89336 3606 RR 0001

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