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For classes, rehearsals, table reads,
meetings, auditions

18 ft. x 21.5 ft. (with changing room)

at 2189 Gerrard St.E (at Main)
Toronto M4E 2C6

Promotional price - $15/hour


Atrium Theatre is now accepting submissions of original scripts
for its 1st season of staged readings


Tatiana Chouljenko, Artistic Director of Atrium Theatre offers


Acting course

This is a multilevel course from intro-advanced. This is a course that will focus on comparison of two acting methods (Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov). The technique employed will be aimed towards competent and energetic performance but will also focus on developing the awareness and creativity of an artist. The orientation will be towards a process, albeit a process which must lead to a product. The class will consist of several components. Body training, technique and scene study.

The body training will serve us to get our body, voice and mind ready to work. It is an inevitable part of any actors’ craft. We will use the exercises which include different qualities of movement, relationship to the space, exploration of directions, expansion and contraction, rising and falling, exploration of backspace. This training requires physical flexibility and focuses on the relationship between psychology and the body.

The technique component will focus on the intuition, allowing it to continually be freed, as it is basic to the actor’s art. We will use the exercises that stimulate and cultivate the actor’s inherent talent and those that allow it to be adequately expressed. We will learn exercises that foster psychophysical involvement of an actor as defined by Stanislavsky and built upon by Michael Chekhov with a focus on the relationship between the imagination and expression while involving body, voice and mind.

We will include sensory exercises which will develop concentration and strengthen the will and discipline. We will work on building a character by using Stanislavsky’s and Michael Chekhov’s principles.

The concepts we will learn about will include Stanislavsky’s magic if, public solitude, object of attention, sense of truth and a need for an internal technique. Stanislavsky’s genius student Michael Chekhov believed in the power of visualization and the image – an image that was separate from the self. His mind-body techniques such as radiating, fulfilling objectives, atmosphere, archetypes, sense of ease, imaginary body, character’s centre and psychological gesture that we will employ will allow the actors to be stimulated by physical movement, by image or by perception. In other words, his theory holds out a possibility for an actor to transform himself at will: to appear thin, fat, young, old, sick, by sheer force of imagination. Unlike Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov considered intuition and fantasy is more important than analysis.

In the scene study component we will also use our analytical thought (based on Stanislavsky’s method and Chekhov’s perception of style) and try to apply all the lessons learned to the text.

Directing course

This is a course that will focus on exploration and analyses.

  • How to explore and analyze the scenes using the elements of Stanislavsky system such as objective, super objective, given circumstances, obstacle, conflict.
  • The powerful meaning of action on stage. Direct and indirect correlation between action and conflict.
  • Study of important elements of directing technique: rhythm and tempo, composition, mise–en–scène.
  • Emotional power of atmosphere. How to create the right atmosphere that evokes certain feelings in the actor.
  • Stylistic approach and genre are the most important components of directing study. How to interpret the stage material in terms of genre and style.

We also will learn about other methods different from Stanyslavsky and Michael Chekhov. These differences are the underlying principles that make directing what it is, one thing or another.

Promotional class rates are
$35/45 min. (academic hour)
$160/session (6 classes)

: 416-467-0592  
: tatiana@atriumtheatre.com


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